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What you need to know!

The first step in any plan is ensuring you know what you need. Marquee hire is no different!
To make things easier, Bobs Hire has composed a short list of what you need to know!

Event Type– All events are different, so be sure to mention if it is for a birthday, wedding, corporate function, or a school fete.

Proposed Dates– Knowing the dates of your event is essential! There would be nothing worse then organising your marquee only for it to be booked out because your dates weren’t set in stone.

Guest List – There’s no fun in having a party without your guests, so making sure you know your numbers is a big help when organising a marquee.

Location, Location! – Knowing where the marquee is going to be erected is a big part of the process. Many factors will affect where a marquee can be erected, such as whether it can be pegged to the ground or if it has to be weighted.

Additions that can affect the marquee size – As with any event theres always little extras that can maximase the experience and the general feel of your event:
– is a dance floor or stage wanted?
– will the caterer require a small area or is a buffet area needed?
– are seperate areas for sitting or cocktail standing areas required ?

Little Extras – Forgetting things is apart of nature but its handy to know if any of the following are to be included:
– dance floors
– stages
– lighting
– PA system
– windows and walls

Now that you have the information needed, its time to get that marquee booked!
Take your time and dont jump at the first price you get, the cheapest price doesnt always mean the greatest quality. Research the company, learn about their experience and by all means give them a call to hear what they have to say.

Until next time,
Bob’s Hire 🙂

One thought on “Hiring a Marquee – What you need to know!

  1. I’ve been to a few weddings that had a marquee, and I can tell you that it’s very important to consider your location. You said it just right, you need to know if it needs to be weighted or anything special to keep it there. If in doubt, ask the company you want to hire from if they have any suggestions to make sure it gets done right.

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